Still Wines

Work in the vineyard

Our selection starts with a dedicated parcel follow-up for each quality of wine worked. Our viticultural technician, brings his expert eye on the various viticultural operations (pruning, amendment, phytosanitary control,…). Maturity controls allow us to adjust the harvest date to the type of wine desired.

Winemaking work

The grapes are harvested in protected containers, then pressed in pneumatic presses, allowing a selection of juices (work of the various fractions of juice according to their quality). All transfers (from must to wine) are done under inert gas, in order to preserve the organoleptic quality. The musts are vinified in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, then partially racked in order to ensure an ageing on fine lees. The blending is decided when the desired equilibrium is reached, these blends are then physically realized. The wine is then prepared for the bottling, before being stored in “Tiré Bouché” in regulated cellars (temperature and hygrometry).

The dressings of these “Tiré Bouché” are made only as needed.